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sabato 22 agosto 2015

Project Comenius

Project Comenius
From 1st August 2013 to 31st July 2015, we became involved in Multilateral project of school partnership called Abled Rhythms – Uvolněno rytmy within the project Lifelong learning. These partnership countries participated on this activity for duration of 24 months: Italy, Hungary and Turkey. Turkey was also the main coordinator of the whole project. The chosen topic interested us mainly because of the fact that according to us, music loosens language barriers, it can moderate symptoms of speech handicap, it helps to diversify education and it serves as a connection to cross-curricular relations. The next reason is the fact that in our school, the singing group and musically-movement group exist for many years and our pupils like singing in connection with movements. It was obligatory for all the participating countries to implement at least 24 mobilities – tours of natural people /18 adults and 6 pupils/. The plan of tasks, which had to be fulfilled and documented by output, was prepared for two-year period. The section called Comenius project, where we regularly informed parents and pupils about all the activities, was established on our school web page. The blog for the need of international communication, where we published articles in English language, was also established. Apart from fulfilling of all the obligatory tasks, drawing competitions for pupils and tournament connected with computer skills during the creation of presentations were also prepared. We invited guests to our school, whether it was a choir, a participant of national singing competition or a singer of aliquot singing. Two concerts in St. Hedvika Church were organized as a part of the visit of partnership countries. During past two years, we visited partnership schools, looked into traditions of individual cultures, we familiarized with historic sights of partnership countries, we tried typical cousine... And we came to realize how important the language literacy is and we got to know that music brings joy and release to people no matter the country, where it is produced.

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The assessment questionnaire of the project 

The historical development of music 

The italian booklet 

Our rhythmic music